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Los Angeles' Changing Seasons

Growing up in Southern California, signs of the changing seasons were hard to come by. As a child I waited for two distinct things notifying me that Fall was upon us. The honking of the migrating Canadian Geese and the warm Santa Ana Winds. As a child their loud songs would wake me each morning. As the years have passed the Canadian Geese are just a memory. Their numbers have decreased and I long for their perfect "V" formation filling the morning sky and the sound of their incessant honking. The Santa Ana Winds have never disappointed they remain unchanged.

I love fall, my taste buds come alive, the smells and flavors are my favorite of all seasons. Awaiting the first crop of apples to arrive from Washington crisp, sweet, delicious is more than I can bare. For me Fall is a time of change. A time to take an extra few moments each day to reflect on the closing year, to begin to look ahead to the coming year, change is everywhere, I am filled with the hope and dreams each Rosh Hashanah brings.

Big changes are in store for Starlite Caterers as it enters into its 47th year in business. Check out our new website New to our web page is our Blog. We will be sharing seasonal tips on food, home, and garden and some of our favorite Starlite secrets. We hope you will join along with us this year as we journey through the seasons through taste and smells.

From the Starlite Family, wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year!



How to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

What you'll need:

2 Oranges

2-4 Cinnamon Sticks

Cloves (Allspice or Anise are optional)

Medium size pot



Slice the oranges. Add all your ingredients to a medium sized sauce pot. Fill the pot 3/4 with water. Bring the water to a boil, instantly the aroma will fill your kitchen. Lower the heat to a slow simmer. It's important to keep a close eye on your pot making sure the water doesn't evaporate. You may need to add water throughout the day. If your busy at home and don't want to worry about monitoring water levels all day another great and easy method is using a crock pot. I suggest heating the water in your microwave first then filling the crock pot half way with the warm water. Add the ingredients to the water and turn the crock pot onto the lowest setting. On a low setting you will probably get 3-5 hours before needing to refill the water.

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