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New Beginnings

With the summer quickly coming to an end, August marks the time for new beginnings as schools go back into session and Starlite’s Hot Lunch programs at VBS Day School, Heschel, and deToledo High School all begin. This August also kicks off some new beginnings for Starlite Catering as well.

We are excited to offer Rosh Hashanah Meals To-Go! Those of you that have enjoyed our Passover Seders To-Go know how convenient it is to order your food on our easy to use website, pick up your order and then serve to your guests. Check out our menu offerings at and place your order today!

Starlite Caterers has more exciting updates in the works. As a teaser… we anticipate announcing in our next blog the expansion to our online store to include weekly Shabbat Dinners To-Go!

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