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  • Is a deposit required?
    To guarentee your date and/or a room at Valley Beth Shalom, a non-refundable deposit is required.
  • What is the Event Production Fee?
    The event production fee is not a gratuity for staff. It covers all of the back-end costs that go into the event aside from the food and the servers. We do not charge for tastings, walk-throughs, room diagrams, insurance certificates, standard table linen, linen napkins, china, silverware or glassware rental, station props, etc. As far as actual gratuities go, we pay our staff very well! Our staff’s motto is that gratuities are “never necessary, never expected, and always appreciated.”
  • Do you have pre-set package options to select from?
    LA Kosher is proud of its personal service to all our clients. While we have a few sample menu options, we create a custom proposal for every event.
  • Is there a different price for children?
    Depending on the menus selcted, LA Kosher offers a child-friendly lunch/dinner buffet at a special rate. We consider children to be ages 5-13.
  • Am I able to bring in my own fruit, nuts and pastries for a traditional Persian sweet table?"
    LA Kosher Catering has been designing traditional Persian sweet tables for many years and will work with you to design a table of your dreams. Due to Kashrut & health code regulations, LA Kosher must provide all food at your event.
  • Do I need to rent linen?
    LA Kosher provides standard 85" square poly cotton table linen and napkins in a variety of colors. For different linen sizes and fabrics, we are happy to recommend a linen rental company for you to contact.
  • Do I need to rent china, glassware and silverware?"
    As a kosher caterer, LA Kosher provides all your china, glassware and silverware. The usages of our equipment is included with the Event Production fee.
  • What are my options for beverages?
    LA Kosher Catering offers iced flat water, coffee, and hot teas at every event. Clients have two options for other beverages: Clients may provide their own sodas, wine, beer, and/or alcohol and LA Kosher will arrange for bartenders. LA Kosher recommends the services of Liquid Catering that will supply everything necessary for your event. Please contact our office for more information.
  • When do you need my guest count?
    Your minimum guest count guarantee is due 14 days prior to your event. If you need to increase your guest count from this guaranteed number, you may do so until 3 days prior. Should you have additional guests arrive at your event, we will do our best to accomodate these guests and a supplemental invoice will be provided after the event.
  • What happens to leftover food?
    Due to health regulations, food not consumed during the event remains the property of LA Kosher Catering and may not be removed by the client or guests. Since food is extremely perishable, LA Kosher holds the responsibility for maintaining food temperatures for the safety of the client and guests.
  • What is a Banquet Captain/Manager?
    A Banquet Captain/Manager facilitates the smooth execution of your event. He/She coorindates with your event coordinator, DJ, and vendors to ensure a perfect event.
  • Do I need to tip the servers?
    Our staff’s motto is that gratuities are “never necessary, never expected, and always appreciated.”
  • What is the VBS Maintenance fee?
    It covers the maintenance costs and clean up after your event.
  • What is the VBS Security fee?
    The VBS security fee helps to difray the costs to provide a safe and secure venue.
  • Is a dance floor available?
    VBS offers a wood parkay dance floor up to 30'x30' at no charge. Please note: if booking the Levine Community Center, there are additional requirements for use of a dance floor.
  • Are tables and chairs provided?
    Valley Beth Shalom has a large inventory of tables & chairs for you to use. 60 inch rounds that seat 8-10 people 72 inch rounds that seat 10-12 people 6ft and 8ft banquet tables Serpentine tables High & low cocktail tables Over 500 banquet chairs.
  • When can my event coordinator/rental company start setting up?
    Valley Beth Shalom has multiple events happening everyday. We are happy to work with your event coordinator/rental company to facilitate a mutually agreed upon time for set up.
  • Who creates the room layout?
    LA Kosher will work with you and/or your event coordinateor to create your room layout.
  • What level of Kashrut is observed?
    LA Kosher Catering is a department of Valley Beth Shalom, a conservative synagogue. The Rabbinic staff of VBS, under the leadership of Rabbi Ed Feinstein, supervise our kitchens. All products used are heckshered. Glatt Kosher supervision is available with a minimum guest count of 200. Please contact our office for more information.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    LA Kosher accepts all major credit cards and checks.
  • Does LA Kosher provide tastings?
    LA Kosher is happy to host you for a tasting of our plated meals once your event is booked. We unforuntately do not offer tastings of our station menus and hors d'oeuvres. Should you request a tasting prior to booking your event, there is a nominal charge that will be applied to your event upon booking.
  • Does LA Kosher cater outside of VBS?
    ABSOLUTELY!!! We cater in a variety of locations & settings from Santa Barbara to San Diego!
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