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Who Has Time for Breakfast?

For parents back-to-school is received with a huge sigh of relief that you got through summer without 1 trip to the ER. It takes time, but after a few weeks or so the kids (and you) are finally back into the school routine. We rejoice as we send our little ones off to school, but we know what's coming up next...the High Holiday's. They usually fall right smack in the middle of September, so just as you've gotten your back-to-school routine down WHAM! Erev Rosh Hashana lands on a Tuesday evening. To those of you not in Jewish Day School this means your children attend school Monday. Tuesday becomes a half day, no school Wednesday or Thursday, and back to school Friday. The following week Ko

Los Angeles' Changing Seasons

Growing up in Southern California, signs of the changing seasons were hard to come by. As a child I waited for two distinct things notifying

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